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Writing is not a mere timepass or a hobby. It is a creative passion. A true writer wants to showcase his work to the world and strives hard to create an identification. 

As a writer, you have your own set of  ideas and goals. We truly understand this. Hence we are offering 1-on-1 support. All your queries are addressed personally by your mentor.


You may wish to become a Content Writer, Copywriter, Blogger, Creative Writer, Technical Writer, Author, Social Media Influencer, SEO Writer, Affiliate Marketer, or whatever. 

  • Once you are in our hands, we start evaluating your writing potential, take up your questions, understand your challenges, and further we train you acccordingly and thoroughly to help you achieve your goals!

Structured Curriculum

ContentVidhya has developed a proprietary, easy-to-follow, structured curriculum to help our students gain in-depth knowledge in the chosen subject. 

Our curriculum offers a targeted and foundational guidance to help you become an independent and successful writer. 

Practical Training

Learning is never complete without the right practice. Practising not only helps you remember the concepts longer but also makes you an expert on the subject. 

All our courses come with a handful of assignments on different concepts of the subject to help you gain a deeper knowledge.

Detailed Feedback

Feedback is one of the most effective ways to improve one’s learning. 

Once you submit your assignments, we share a thorough and detailed feedback to help you rectify mistakes if any, in your future writings. Our feedback will help you create better and more valuable writeups. 

1-on-1 support

The support is straight from your mentor, Uma Madhavi. She believes that every writer’s journey is unique and they need a customized support to establish a writing brand. 

To make sure, no queries or challenges are stopping you from achieveing your writing goals, we are offering a lifetime 1-on-1 support. 

Your Goals
Our Priorities

Your writing goals are just yours only till you become our student. Once you are in, your goals become our priroties. 

We believe more in actions than words. Our true achievement lies in helping you establish your dream writing career. 

Join us now to let us join your successful writing journey!

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The Brains Behind

ContentVidhya‘s Success

Uma Madhavi

Founder & CEO
Having been in the industry for about 17 years, starting from 2004 as a blogger to working all these years as a Content Writer, Copywriter, Ghost Author, Digital Marketer, Content Marketing Expert and a Trainer, she understands the Whats and Hows of Writing Industry. Writing has been her life since her childhood.

She says, "Not everybody is lucky enough to pursue their passion. I can't thank myself enough for sticking to my passion, facing all the odds and making it my full-time career. I have seen two types of writers in my life. One, who are not worth it yet surviving in the industry. Two, who are brilliant yet struggling to make it big in the industry. I want to give my best for the success of the later!"

Rohit Mummidi

Co-Founder & Marketing Head
A vivid reader turned Digital Marketer, Rohit Mummidi never imagined to be in this industry. Though he had big dreams and goals of becoming an entrepreneur, he always wanted to stick to pursuing CA for his family. However, he never stopped pursuing digital marketing from web.

One day, he realized he was in a wrong path, took the courage, and made the decision to work on his dreams. He joined his hands with Uma Madhavi to establish ContentVidhya, now guiding thousands of writers and potential businesses to establish their brand in their respective industries.

He says, "Best of our lives are always one decision-making away!"

Ganesh Katakum

Social Media Expert



Kinnari Vacchani

Content Head

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